Scary Statistics for Halloween 2020

With the ongoing pandemic, people are not as thrilled to celebrate Halloween compared to the other years. Mainly because of the high risk of getting infected in the U.S, especially now that America has the highest cases of COVID-19 with almost 9 million cases as of October 2020. For businesses, transactions and sales have been badly affected since a lot of people lost their jobs and earnings due to the pandemic. With the continuous increase for COVID-19 in the U.S, it is expected that the annual Halloween expenditure will drop by 10% from 8.8 billion last year to only 8 billion for this year.

The downfall of the economy will continue to extend even up until Christmas or next year if the COVID cases do not decrease or flatten, which is why it is critical to follow protocols and safety measures mandated by the government to help mitigate the increasing cases. Each individual is affected differently, some do not have the spirit or motivation to commemorate the holiday, but the majority still chooses to participate in their own ways, may it be by simply wearing costumes, carving pumpkins, and etc. Not everyone has lost hope, the essence of Halloween still carries on despite the ongoing pandemic.

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